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  • Graeme scrivener

    Also is tournament mode on there as well

  • Bora Dogrular

    Here is another cheater avoiding a loss at a division 1 level.

    I am not interested in spending my leisure time with these cheating people

    Konami ZERO COINS to YOU!

  • Jacopo Sorrentino

    please enter a beautiful revolutionized master league and full of news as soon as possible. Improve some fundamental details such as pitch grass, goal nets, balls and weather conditions This game has enormous potential! exploit it graphically and as a gameplay.The path of simulation is the right one for this is beautiful, it seems real! but you have to improve it as you did since the last update.
    thank you

  • Asard

    Can’t transfer my data on efootball.Can someone help me

  • Bora Dogrular

    Pc version.

    Currently the biggest problem is Cheating. There is a trainer on pc which will try to stop the clock and also give infinite stamina, the trainer does not work at all but it produces a "unknown circumstances" error which forfeits the match. 

    Cheaters when losing or going for  a "draw" use this loop hole to cancel the match without any consequences.

    I have been reporting users (with video proof) since the game was 0.9.1 and so far, the game version being "v1.1.1" i see nothing has changed.

    I will send one last support ticket to konami Support and explain the situation and if i dont see any actions taken about this in the version 1.1.2 (or whatever) next), i will post a youtube video and share it on everywhere possible so that EVERYONE CAN CHEAT.

    The reason i will be doing that is due to occurance of a much worse cheat.

    The Top ranked users, for example "martin88061" and others can make you lose a match after the second half. So i think everyone should be able to cancel a match if they come up with those kind of users or else they are destined to LOSE due to "there was  problem connecting to your opponent" error which makes you lose 3-0.


  • mitlamitesh

    After last update I tried to contract Beckenbauer freely but got Vidal which I sold then spent my 100 coin to try again Beckenbauer but got Slimani. I want Beckenbauer on my team. Konami this is not fair.

  • Miguel

    Text in English:

    Good morning, afternoon or evening
    The audacity of this message is to see what is the possibility that in the next patch there will be the option to play without an audience in the stadiums (team fans), since I have a somewhat low-resource computer which does not support when it is a free kick or in places where there is public (FPS drop) and for which there are sometimes failures.
    With all this I take the audacity to make this request to put this option (without fans) in the game, Thank you very much for your attention and happy day.


    Texto en Español:

    Muy buenos Días, tardes o noches
    El atrevimiento de este mensaje es para ver cual es la posibilidad de que en el proximo parche este la opcion de jugar sin publico en los estadios (aficionados de los equipos) ,  ya que yo poseo una Computadora un tanto de bajos recursos la cual no soporta cuando es un tiro libre o en lugares donde hay publico (caida de FPS) y por el cual a veces hay fallos.
    Con todo esto tomo el atrevimiento de hacer esta peticion de poner esta opcion (sin aficionados) en el juego, Muchas gracias por su atencion y feliz dia.

  • ahmedsaad1992ad


  • Weilun Sun

    3 things in gameplay that is very frustrating:

    1. Corner defense and attack:

    In corner defense, the cursor always defaults to the worst header player in the team and it is often very hard to switch to my CB. The cursor should be default to CB in corner defense.

    In corner attack similarly, when the ball gets sent to an area, the stronger header player should be selected to head the ball.

    2. control buttons should be bigger (be able to set bigger)

    It is very common to tap slightly outside the button area as they are very small on screen. This is extremely frustrating as the player often fail to take a shot (esp shots that require a swipe) or suddenly stop in the middle of a defense!

    3. player not running forward in attack

    AI controlled player often stop running or even move backwards in attacks for no reason. I know the pass and run button could help. But it is common sense to at least run forward during counters.


  • Dazai

    We just need a VS AI League mode and a Cup Mode. I just wanna see my players lift Trophies just like in PES 2012. I dont play Online mode bcz internet is unstable and i dont wanna ruin others gameplay experience. There are too many people like me who play VS ai mode bcz of internet problem or other reasons. So we need something like League mode to spend our time. PLS ADD LEAGUE MODE AND CUP MODE.

  • Cidinho0303

    Ola desculpe se meu ingles nao esta bom estou usando tradutor, fiz uma compra de 4,90 no efootball mobile pelo banco inter, a compra foi finalizada mas nao ganhei as moedas, a promocao foi de 130 pagos e 220 gratis, eu tenha todo entendimento pois sei que não existem jogos sem bugs



    Parents : Brazil 

  • Mgenough

    Can’t open my game 😩😩

  • Mgenough

    Can someone help me…My game isn’t opening


    Hello. When you will launch an item in eFootball that we will be able to restart the player’s progression in Dream Team? For us (players of this mode), we need this possibility for now, because a lot of cards launched earlier in the game didn’t need to be upgraded in some stiles like before. I think Kimura needs to hear us. Thanks!

  • Medinamuhamednur

    Support me


  • Lawee Non


  • Tommy valdez

    I need support

  • Daniel ugiagbe

    I can’t connect my efootball with others from Canada to Nigeria on ios16.3.1
    Why please???

  • Arbenit

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy A13 it has 4 Gb Ram and 64 GB of storage and is android version 10.It meets the minimum requirements for the efootball game.Why does it show in play store that my device is not compatible with this version.Please fix this.

  • Matheus

    Gosto do jogo porém o fato de o jogo não diferenciar quando estou com a bola ou não me irrita profundamente, quando aperto em marcar o jogador fica dando passe igual um idiota, sacanagem

  • Eslam

    I have played many different versions of the PES game, but I did not buy the game, rather I was playing the cracked game, and I want you to forgive me for that, please and thank you

    Please reply quickly

  • Eslam

    Please replyHi
    I have played many different versions of the PES game, but I did not buy the game, rather I was playing the cracked game, and I want the company to forgive me for playing the cracked version and not buying the original version, or if it wants compensation for that
    Pass the message to the company official, please and reply quickly please

  • hongsonnguyen

    Tình trạng nạp coin lậu trên game Efootball 2023 mobile rất nhiều mong Konami rà quét và tẩy chay sự gian lận này. Cảm ơn

  • Yoatawin2778

    Cell phone version. Why, the Asian event rung has been a problem for so long. I'm tired of playing this game. People don't have skills, they don't have training, they don't love to play games, they can win championships.- Please... Why...To the detriment of the game.

  • Naimnakla1224

    Please disable my two factor verification security.  I am not getting verification mail.  I want to disable two factor verification security

  • Laminu


  • Morakinyo Daniel

    Why is efootball ( my league base on only league we need more competition's for example, champions League, Europa )
    Why is penalty so hard to get

  • Dani

    license Real Madrid!!!!


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